Product of the Week- Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is not just good for cooking, if you love hair and beauty then you will know it is highly beneficial for them too. I use it in my regime especially when I need a deep treatment. Here is a list of what coconut oil is great for:

Body & Face Moisturizer


Body Scrub (mix the oil with sugar or salt for a scrub that will leave you feeling soft)


Hair Masks & Hair Serum


Teeth (oil pulling is a great technique for whiter teeth and healthier gums)


Nails Cuticles


Make-up remover


TIP: A make-up artist suggested applying coconut oil before washing your face as it will make your skin smooth and soft!

Do you use coconut oil and if so what for? Let me know via Twitter &    Facebook

Feature Image: My own
Post Image: Health


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