Covering Spots

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On a recent job the make-up artists were talking tips and tricks, so I mentioned one which they loved and I got it from my mother. Ladies they weren’t lying when they said mother knows best! Well not always but I agree with most of her beauty tips. Every so often spots come along and decide to become a hindrance during the day. Most people won’t notice but you will and nine times out of ten it will be you that draws attention to it. After all we’re only human! So here is my mother’s tip that she used to do.

When you next have the odd spot come up dab a little eyeliner on it and it will look like a beauty spot. If anyone asks just say it appeared and by the time the actual spot has gone you can say that the beauty spot has disappeared too. Brown eyeliner works a lot better than black as it is not as harsh and noticeable.

You can cover with concealer if you want or you can channel your inner Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford!

What tips do you have for covering spots? Comment below or let me know via Twitter or Facebook

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