How To Always Look Groomed

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When I go on jobs I’ll apply make-up and do my hair however sometimes I’ll go with no make-up and no product in my hair as they will redo it how they want. That doesn’t mean looking unkempt. Looking groomed takes a little time and management, more importantly it makes you feel presentable for anything. Here are 6 tips to always looking groomed:

Hair- your hair should be clean and tidy, regular trims keep it looking healthy. Figure out three hair styles that you can do quickly, that way you will never have a bad hair day because you won’t be caught off guard.

Nails- Clean, filed nails are essential for looking groomed, you don’t realise how much you actually pay attention to someone’s hand! Having coloured nail polish isn’t always possible depending on your line of work but a clear polish will make your nails look healthy. Also don’t forget toe nails!

Teeth- Your teeth should be clean and white teeth look good. Achieving white teeth doesn’t mean getting them done professionally all the time but using whitening toothpaste, flossing and general care makes such a difference. If you don’t want to use chemical products for teeth whitening then try oil pulling.

Skin- Clear skin can be hard to achieve depending on a few factors such as lifestyle, skin type and unfortunately hormones (if you get what I mean ladies). Find a regime that works for you and try adjusting your diet to get clearer skin.

Eyebrows- You really don’t understand the effect groomed eyebrows have on your appearance; they can change your whole face. Keeping your eyebrows groomed will give your face an instant uplift.

Facial hair- Where you feel there shouldn’t be facial hair then get rid of it. Applying make-up over facial hair makes it stand out even more and it doesn’t look blended. So get rid.

Whilst you’re watching your favourite film or television programmes try some of these grooming tips for a great ME time. If you have any grooming tips then please share by commenting below or you can let me know via Twitter or Facebook


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