How Your Phone Wallpaper Can Motivate Your Career

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A year ago I read an article about a drama teacher that asked his students at the end of every week, “What have you done for your career this week?” He told them anything was better than nothing and they should keep a log on everything they do so they could compare and see progress. What a brilliant idea, especially if you have a goal you would like to reach. Every week I ask myself this question and when you actually think about it, you probably do more than you realise. In my career it could range from applying to audition for roles, doing a job or simply reading an acting book. The little things you do still make up for the big ones and contribute to your career.


Every time I unlock my phone I am constantly reminded what my three goals for this year are. Although I’ve started my blog I have kept it on there as it is a reminder that I want to create a great blog.


Then when I have unlocked my phone there is the question that I ask every week and one that motivates me. If you don’t do a lot during the week, don’t beat yourself up about it but rather focus on doing it next week instead. I see it as a guideline to help me focus.

Do you do the same or do you have motivational tips you want to share? Then comment below! You can see my career progressing on my Twitter , Facebook, & Instagram accounts.


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