How To Deal With Early Mornings


If you follow me on my social media accounts you will see that I am loving the series Suits and even more I am loving Harvey Specter. Apart from being handsome he seems to have his morning routine worked out. A run, updated with what’s going on in the world and breakfast all before he has actually started his working day. He is my kind of person (even if he is a fictional character). A lot of the acting jobs I do have a really early start time, like really early and most are more than an hour’s drive away. This week I had a call time at 7:45 am which wasn’t too bad but I had to wake up at half five, so you can imagine that I wanted to enjoy every minute of sleep I could get. Here are a few tips on how I deal with my early morning.



Prepare the night before-

Outfits, to do lists and anything else should be prepared the night before. It will save on time and you will feel less stressed out in the morning.




Let the outside world in straight away-

Open the window let the fresh air in, turn on the radio or TV and you will start to feel ready to take on the day.




Have quick reminders-

Have a list of the things you will use the night before that you can’t put in your bag yet. For example if you put your phone on charge the night before, then write it on the list to remind yourself you will need to pack it in the morning.





Manage your time-

Stick the kettle on before you do your hair or make-up. So whilst it’s boiling you can start getting ready, this will save time!  If you travel with your hot drink then do this with breakfast instead.





Travelling by car-

Frosty mornings are round the corner and no one likes standing in the cold scraping the windows. Cover them instead. Get some old cardboard or buy a window cover and leave it on overnight then in the morning just take it off.

Pack your car with your bags and clothes the night before. The only thing you should leave with in the morning is your handbag.






A lot of people have a shower in the morning and sometimes I will, but I come home late so I tend to have one at night. This obviously saves time in the morning, also my hair is naturally curly and believe me, it is a pain to style.


Let me know if you have any morning routine tips!


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