Dealing With Career Setbacks

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I try to look at the positive in a negative and this weekend has delivered a couple of blows with regards to my acting career. I’ve shown you a little insight to my career and it seems to be going well but I can’t tell you about the good times and not let you know about the bad.  Yesterday I received an email telling me the play I was going to do this winter had been cancelled. This has occurred a few times in my career; I’ve got the job, started the job and I’ve not continued through my own choice or the company’s. This happens in every industry and it may have happened to you. It can be disheartening but you just have to get back on your feet. Here are 5 tips I have learnt over time on how to deal with these situations.

Don’t take it personal

If you don’t get the job or you have been let go, try to not take it so personal for whatever reason. You can’t please everyone and you will stress yourself out trying to do it.

Have a next move

If you want to dwell that is fine but don’t do it for too long, have a cup of tea (why does tea make everything ok?) and start looking for new work. Check your CV and apply to jobs.

Do something positive

Go out with your friends, have a bit of me time or go somewhere new. Doing something positive is a great way to bring back confidence and self-control. Once these are back you will be raring to go.

Don’t be unprofessional

I have never been unprofessional after leaving a job and believe me there have been times when I have wanted to. If the job has ended badly don’t be the one to act unprofessionally. You never know if it might come back to haunt you later. Just thank them for the job and wish them well. End of.

Think about good times

Unfortunately this production was cancelled but I have to look towards the good times ahead, for example I had my first line on TV that will be shown in October. For an actress this is a very good thing! So I’m going to think about that but more importantly how I can strive towards my next goals.

When things like this happen it obviously wasn’t meant to be and perhaps something bigger and better is coming your way. How have you dealt with job situations like this? Comment below or you can tell me via Twitter or Facebook.

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