Industry Tip- False Eyelashes


I did two jobs recently where both make-up artists used a technique to fit a pair of false eyelashes properly and it seemed to do the trick because they suited my eyes! Believe me I struggle to find a pair of false eyelashes that don’t look odd on me. No matter how careful I am or what methods I use for peeling the false eyelashes off the plastic, they just seem to lose the shape!  After you have measured your false eyelashes and cut them down to size to fit your eye, use these techniques to get an even better fit.


One make-up artist rolled the eyelashes in between her thumb and index finger 1  whereas the other wrapped the eyelashes around a pen2. Don’t try the last technique if your eyelashes are pre-glued as it will stick. Peeling them off the pen will definitely make them straight again.




Do you have any tips for false eyelashes, let me know via TwitterFacebook or commenting below! It would be great to hear your tips and tricks!


4 comments on “Industry Tip- False Eyelashes”

  1. I usually just wrap them around my finger, but like you say with the pen, you can’t do that if they’re self-adhesive. I can’t see why you couldn’t apply self-adhesive ones with lash glue if they lose their stickiness, can you? Great post 🙂 x


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