How I Prepare For A Casting

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You are probably wondering how this might relate to you but it will. After all everyone goes to events, parties and soon some of you will be going to college, university etc. Let’s be honest everyone wants to look their best! When I walk into a casting I want to look my best too and that means a routine the night before. Here are 3 dos and don’ts to help prepare that I have personally done.

DO get a good night sleep- all those articles about getting enough sleep aren’t just saying it for no reason. They recommend eight hours and that works for me before a casting, normally I go to bed late but when I have something important to do I try to get that amount. No more because it will show in my face and no less because I will feel tired.

DO brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste- I don’t usually brush my teeth with whitening toothpaste because it makes my teeth very sensitive, however before a casting I will brush my teeth the night before and the next morning with whitening toothpaste. Hello Colgate smile!

DO apply moisturizer- I do this every night but I take a few extra steps before a casting. Such as applying coconut oil on my eye area. I think I need to do this every night and not just before a casting because my under eye area is dehydrated! Having dehydrated skin will show under your make-up so this step will help but not solve it.

DO prep your hair- My hair is naturally curly so whether I leave it curly or want it straight I always prep it the night before because it saves so much time. I also have back-up hairstyles just in case it isn’t going to plan. After all no likes a hair melt down.

DO prepare- I don’t just prep myself to look my best before a casting but also mentally and that starts with organisation. So if you need to take documents make sure they are prepared and in a folder. Fellow actors read through your monologue one last time and then put it down! Make sure you have your headshot, CV and positive attitude!

DON’T do a face mask the night before- I did this once and never again! I came out in spots which knocked my confidence a little. I know they wouldn’t notice but I knew it was there. If you do have a spot before an event then try this technique here.

DON’T try new products- always give yourself a few days to get used to a product; actually a week is even better. Your skin might not react straight away oppositely it might do, so a little time is a good way to avoid a nasty surprise.

Let me know what you do before a big day by commenting below!


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