Multipurpose Products

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When I get my make-up done onset I love asking about the products; make-up artists have everything and if they don’t they will find a product to do the job. Have you ever found yourself forgetting your blusher on a weekend away? I know I have. As time goes by I have seen how people make their beauty products multipurpose and I’ve discovered how to make use of products when I’ve forgotten the one that I need.

Lipstick & Blusher

(dab the lipstick on your finger first and gradually build up)

red lipstick

Eyeshadow & Highlighter

(gold eyeshadow works best on warm skin tones whereas cream eyeshadow will work best on pale skin tones)

gold eyeshadow

Brown Eyeliner & Lip Liner

Brown Lipstick

Brown Eyeshadow & Contouring

Brown eyeshadow

Orange Lipstick & Dark Circle Colour Corrector

orange lipstick

If you have any multipurpose beauty tips then please let me know by commenting below!

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