Stunt Work- Martial Arts

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When people find out I’m training to do stunt work they always asked where I do my training but the thing is it’s not one particular place but rather ticking off a list. There are 6 categories and I have to learn skills across 5 of the categories. If you read my post about opening new doors then you will know I have a black belt in Tae Kwon-do which means I’ve completed one category already. I recently posted a photograph on my Facebook page showing that I had passed my first belt in Judo, even though one martial art is required for the category, Judo is a different martial art from Tae Kwon-do and it will teach me how to fall.

Training for the stunt register is intense and I have numerous bruises to prove my hard work- honestly  it’s so difficult trying to look groomed for modelling whilst learning skills that will make me black and blue! So here is a short clip of me training in my Tae Kwon-Do and Judo class.

Apart from wanting to use my martial art skills in the acting industry I am strong believer that everyone should have a basic knowledge on how to defend themselves. Below is a short film that I starred in and it’s all about self defence. I hope you enjoy it and your thoughts are very welcome, so comment below!


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