Hello Autumn

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In my Liebster Award post I mentioned how I wanted to bring in other subjects to write about and one of those is fashion. I do love fashion and it does go side by side with my acting, I am surrounded by clothes all the time! I know they say you shouldn’t branch into so many subjects with blogging but this is where I come to write about the things I enjoy.

For my first fashion post I wanted to start straight away with an autumn outfit, well autumn with a hint of summer, hence the short dress. I love autumn even though it hasn’t officially started yet I’m ready for it! The colours, the food, the events, Fashion Week literally everything makes me happy! This outfit is a basic platform for a different colour dress, so if you decide you want to wear a different colour for this coming season wear navy blue, forest green, black and a little different but burnt orange. I chose this dress to contrast the neutral colours of the trench and wore nude heels to elongate my legs. I really like this scarf because it isn’t too big and thick for autumn which is great as it’s not too cold yet and it blends well with my trench coat.






Let me know what you like to wear in Autumn by commenting below!

Get the look

Trench Coat- ZARA
Dress- Old (I love this one too) Miss Guided
Shoes- Old (similar here) River Island
Bag- Old (I love this one too) H&M
Scarf-New Look


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