Product of the Week- L’oréal Studio Line Go Create Spritz

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Not every product they use on set will break the bank, often the make-up artists will pull out a product that is easily affordable and good quality. The last couple of months I have worked on a few period dramas and I will usually go with no product in my hair as they will do it up from scratch.  One product I kept seeing was the L’Oréal Studio Line Go Create Spritz. This product is brilliant if you want to create a hairstyle and make it last all day; normally on set the hair & beauty team don’t have a lot of time to create looks, so they need to have products that will help achieve the look they need and fast! Hairspray is great to use but that is normally applied after, whereas this product is used before.  For example, if you want to create curls then spray this product on and get curling- if you don’t want to use heat you don’t have to! Check out the selfie I snapped on set playing a girl from the 1920s, here the product was used to help create finger waves!



What hair products would you recommend for a lasting hold? Comment below!


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