How To Look Good When You Are Ill

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These last two weeks have been challenging for me; last week me and my family had some bad news and then to top it off I fell ill on the weekend. I’m over it but my body feels exhausted! When you become ill let’s be honest all you want to do is stay in, watch films and sleep. During the worst of it I had a job and I wondered whether to cancel but I told myself it’s not a long day and I’ll be fine. I guess you can’t block out the outside world forever. So I slapped some make-up on and did my hair but believe me I didn’t feel glamorous. So here are a few tips on how to look good when you certainly don’t feel good.


1# Lips- drawing attention to your lips will steer attention away from your eyes that may look tired. If you are like me then your eyes give away a lot! So a bright lipstick always helps.

2# Eyes- If you notice there is white eyeshadow in the inner corner of my eyes. I do this to brighten them up and applying white eyeliner to the inner lash line will make your eyes look bigger!

3# Cheeks- When I’m ill I look a lot paler, if that is the case I will need to apply a bit more blusher to make me look warmer and healthy.

4# Hair- I know it may seem like a lot of effort and I will do my hair properly when I’m over the worst, when I’m ill I just shove my hair up. Braids are super easy and they give the impression you have spent ages doing your hair, so learn a few styles and practice for rainy days like these.

You might look at the photograph and think I look fine (but I know I look slightly more tired) and if you do that means mission accomplished, right? This photograph was taken on the second day of being ill with my sleep broken up the night before and right after the doctors to get my medicine.

What tips do you do when you are ill? Let me know by commenting below!


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