The Chic Escape- London

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Last weekend I stayed in London for a few days, I had an audition but a few days away are always nice. London is fast paced and constantly on the go and its home to some of the best museums, great restaurant and world famous tourist attractions. I’m usually down for an exhibition, playing tour guide for relatives or work, so this weekend was nice to do all the things I wanted.  Here is what I got up to and what I would recommend doing when you are there.

1#Visit a London show- I went to see War Horse and it was excellent! Between the actors and the life size horse puppets you are transported through an emotional journey. I don’t want to spoil it, so my lips are sealed! I’ve also seen Phantom of the Opera (my favourite) and Wicked and I highly recommend both too.



2# Afternoon tea- There are plenty of places to have afternoon tea in London; it really depends on what you want to experience. I first saw a photograph of Sketch in an article and fell in love. The restaurant reminds me of an Old Hollywood movie in the 1950s and the toilets remind me of the film Cocoon. Yes you read right, the toilets just got a mention and for good reason too. The food was delicious and very filling; those bit size cakes are deceiving! I had a pistachio choux, lemon & raspberry cake, quail egg mayo & caviar sandwiches, smoked salmon & Jacob’s cream sandwiches and many more. I ate in The Gallery but there are other rooms to experience.





3#The British Museum- I love history, especially seeing as both my cultures have so much, so a trip to the museum is a must! The main attraction is definitely the mummies; if you aren’t a fan of history surely seeing them is worth it. The museum is huge and I didn’t have all day so I stuck to the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. I particularly enjoyed visiting the Ancient Cyprus section as I’m half Cypriot, I learnt a lot of history about my culture that I’d never knew about before.



4# Ice Bar London- this was on my list of 23 things to do before I’m 24, so a post will be coming shortly about my experience here.Afterwards I recommend a walk down Regency Street onto Piccadilly Circus to experience the area at night and with all the lights it’s truly beautiful.



5#Camden Town- the majority of people I go to London with will want to visit the usual tourist attractions and high end shops but when you go to Camden you are transported into a world of diversity. I visited Camden Lock and Camden Stables which crams in street food stalls, fashion boutiques and lots and lots of people!






Where would you recommend going in London? Let me know because I enjoy visiting new places!


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