Brave New World

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I enjoy going to the theatre and cinema alike, so last weekend I headed to Nottingham to watch Brave New World with my acting academy. Brave New World is a book written by Aldous Huxley in 1931 and my first impression was wow how advanced was this book for its time! The period of the play was set six hundred years on from 1931, where humans are genetically made and cloned. No one belongs to one person and everyone is the same, so imagine what happens when a genetic human meets a human that has been born naturally.

The reason for this post is to show you what it looks like backstage. In front of house, the audience doesn’t realise actors are waiting in the wings ready to go onto stage, a technician is just in the corner controlling the lights and a wardrobe mistresses is quickly dressing actors in-between quick scenes. Nottingham Theatre Royal is one if my favourite theatres it is truly beautiful! Going to watch a play just to see that theatre is worth it, believe me.


The set for Brave New World.


A view of the stage from the wings.



Props used on stage.


Behind the stage.
Carpet is laid out for people to walk on to avoid noise being heard in the auditorium whilst the show is on.



The stage dressing room. Actors have a proper dressing room, however this is used when actors have to do quick costume changes during the play.

What is a recent production you’ve seen in theatre?


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