30 Day Winter Hydration Challenge- Daily Regime


A few months ago I went for my first facial and it inspired me to create a 30 Day Winter Hydration Challenge. Understandably skin can become drier in the colder months. I notice tiny dry patches that can show up under my foundation so I wanted to see if I could maintain hydrated skin in winter. A lot of people think the more expensive the product the better the results. Don’t get me wrong I do like my designer products for certain things but personally I think it’s the regime and time you put in. Over the next week I’ll be uploading posts on how get involved in the challenge and get your skin hydrated!

Firstly how can you tell if your skin is dehydrated? Scrape your skin once and if you see a white line then your skin is dehydrated. Some areas will show it more than others and this is all the dead skin cells being scraped together. For example my arms showed the slightest white line whereas I could see the lines on my leg more. If you see fine horizontal lines, this means your skin is very dehydrated! The skin on your face, neck and décolleté is thinner and more delicate than other areas on your body so whatever treatment you do on your face, I recommend to do on these two areas as well. These areas also show the first signs of aging! So here is my daily beauty regime:

Morning Routine-

1# Cleanse- To remove any dirt that might remain from the night before e.g. sweat, make-up.

2# Toner- I find it evens out my skin tone in the morning.

3# Moisturize (Face) – Hands down the Lacura range by Aldi is one of the best ranges out there and it is really cheap!

4# Moisturize (Body)

Night Routine

1# Remove make-up with wipes- I use baby wipes as they are less harsh on my skin.

2# Cleanse

3# Toner

4# Serum- A serum absorbs quicker in the skins layers and adds extra moisture.

5# Eye Cream- My under eyes are dehydrated and I know this because they will sting when I use products. It can be wipes, moisturizer or even make-up. This face mask I originally bought for my  whole face but it made me come out in red pimples so I just use it for my under eyes now. It is brilliant!

6# Moisturize (Face) – Use a night cream as they will be thicker, this is to help repair the skin whilst you sleep.


 Cleansing Lotion &  Toner






night cream

Day Cream & Night Cream

Water– when it comes to the experts suggesting daily allowances in anything I just take it lightly. Let’s be honest they change their facts constantly on what is good or bad. So I recommend suiting it you and your lifestyle, after all not everyone is the same size and other people need more of something than others. I decided to drink 6 standard glasses of water and if I drink anymore then that’s a bonus. Everything in moderation, right?


After the challenge I am hoping to have softer skin, a brighter complexion and of course hydrated skin. So far I’ve been doing this for a week and I’ve seen results. So if you want to find out more then stay tuned!


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