30 Day Winter Hydration Challenge- Part 2


On Friday I uploaded my daily routine for the 30 Day Winter Hydration Challenge (HERE) and if you are taking part then please let me know how you are finding it! Today’s post is about my weekly treatments and 2-3 times a week treatments.

2/3 Times A Week Regime


Long showers feel great in the cold months but this dries the skin out so much! So my routine is to shower for 7 minutes. I tried 5 and I couldn’t get everything done so 7 minutes were fine. I shower every night and after my hair care routine I exfoliate my body with a loofah as it is a soft exfoliation. Three times a week I replace my loofah with a body scrub by Soap and Glory- this exfoliating scrub leaves your skin soft and smooth! Out of all the regimes I am doing I have seen major results with exfoliating my skin every day. If you find body scrubs are too hard and haven’t found a replacement, then stick to a loofah and just exfoliate gently. Remember to moisturize after every shower!


Loofah &  Body Scrub


Hands and feet need to be moisturized just as much as our bodies. Our hands will be exposed to cold air, washed constantly, so it’s no wonder they can dry out. I’ve always moisturized my hands; in fact it can become borderline obsessive so I didn’t do this step for my hands. As for our feet, they also go through so much! I train bare foot therefore I do try to look after my feet, so for this regime I have done it three times a week. This treatment is not the most glamorous so be warned!  Once you have exfoliated to remove dead skins cells, slather on a thick moisturizer and place them in moisturizing gloves and socks. Leave them overnight to wake up to soft hands and feet. If you don’t want to purchase moisturizing gloves and socks, I would recommend cotton socks for both.


Moisturizer , Moisture Gloves , Moisture Socks

Weekly Regime

The only regime I did weekly was a face mask. Face masks are great to draw out impurities and they moisturize the skin’s layers. I wouldn’t start doing face masks before a big event as you might come out in a few spots.


Face Mask

Have you decided to take part? Let me know by commenting below also check out the daily regime for the challenge HERE.


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