Meeting New People

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With the holiday season fast approaching you may find your diary has a few parties or events and with this comes meeting new people. Some find meeting new people a daunting experience and get nervous whilst others take it in their stride. When I’m at work I know I’ll meet new people and very rarely do I get to work with the same people, fortunately in my line of work everyone is pretty much in the same boat. Acting requires teamwork to get the best results so I find people tend to be open, friendly and sometimes forward. I’m not joking on a job a lady sat down, turned to me and said “So what’s your story?” When I’ve spent a day with people on set, I will know a summary of their life story, if I spend a week with them, it will seem like we’ve known each other for years! Here are 7 tips to help you when meeting new people:


1#Introduce yourself with a smile– walk into the room and smile!  A smile is worth a thousand words and believe me people notice. When you notice people, just smile and the rest will take it’s natural course.

2# Take a step back– it is always a good idea to step back and observe people. In a few minutes you can see how people interact with one another and you can see what personalities are in the room. I’m not talking freak in the corner observations by the way!

3# Listen– Be present in your conversations. Many people will give away information about themselves and you can always ask questions and develop a conversation from there. People like to know that they are being listened to and that someone is actually interested in talking to them.

4# Be Interesting– listening helps to start you off with topic of conversation but what happens if it is the other way round and you become the centre of attention? Being prepared to talk about yourself is good. For example, do you have a hobby, do you like sport or do you have an interesting fact about yourself? Being closed off makes it harder for the other person and conversation can die very quickly.

5# Be respectful– I have met people at work for a day and already I could tell they don’t understand how to respect others. At work always keep it professional and if you aren’t at work then be considerate. This also goes for peoples’ personalities and opinions.

6# Know the environment– When I go to work I know the majority of people work in the entertainment industry so having knowledge of what has recently happened is good. Sometime it’s ok to ask what everyone is talking about. It won’t be possible to know everything going on but it does feel good when you know the topic of conversation.

7# Don’t be a smartarse– putting it nicely! There is a difference between smart people and people who think they know everything. There is also a difference between enlightening people and being patronising because you know more. Enter every room with the attitude “I might learn something new here” and “There is always someone that knows more than me”


I hope this has helped with meeting new people, you really never know who you are going to meet! Let me know if you have any tips on meeting new people.


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