New York, New York- Part 1


Ah New York, words cannot describe the weekend I had in this amazing city! I’ve always said the first time I wanted to visit New York would be at Christmas so I went last weekend and got to experience the Thanksgiving holiday. New York is one of the friendliest cities and believe me when you return nothing seems to live up to it. Yesterday I went into my town centre and I actually looked up at the buildings, as you can imagine I was disappointed and don’t even get me started on my Christmas trees! They of course don’t compare. So if you are visiting the city soon then let me help you out, I won’t spoil it for you but rather give you tips.  I try to upload posts every Monday and Friday, so stay tuned for part 2.


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Where I stayed: The Lexington on 47th Street. For the first time we wanted to stay central and this hotel is definitely central! It was a couple of blocks from 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue and most of the top tourist attractions were no more than a 15 minute walk away.

What to do: We did everything!! Literally I walked so much I had to buy a new pair of shoes in the next size up, I’ve now returned to England and the shoes are too big! We never caught the subway and we took taxis to downtown Manhattan a couple of times. So yes we did a lot of walking!

1# If you are wanting to do a lot of sightseeing I highly recommend a tour bus. We went with City Tours (Grayline) and it took us on a tour through midtown/ downtown Manhattan and a water boat around Staten Island for $58. What was great is you get to see so many attractions, its hop on hop off and the guides tell you lots of facts about the city. Unfortunately we didn’t go onto Staten Island but the boat took us around and we also got to see a great view of the New York skylines.

2# For a view of the city I recommend Rockefeller centre in the day as you get to see the Empire State Building. we wanted to do both buildings so we also did the Empire State during the evening. Both views are truly breathtaking! If you would also like to do both then I would do it in the order I suggested.

3# Times Square is crazy busy and we got to enjoy it the most at night because the lights stand out. If you head over around 11pm then it will be less crowded or if you want to experience the atmosphere then head over any time during the day.

4# One World Trade Centre aka The Freedom Tower was pretty much a must on our list and it really should be visited. I was young when September 11th happened but of course I know so much as I think most people do. The Freedom Tower was built to memorialize the day and as impressive as the building is, the real reason we went was to see the actual memorial of the Twin Towers and visit the museum. If you decide to go then book your tickets online as it is cheaper and you only have to wait in one queue. Be sure to check out the Survivor Tree and Trinity Church.

5# Of course New York is a shopaholic’s heaven; we touched the tip of the iceberg with this as we didn’t have enough time. you really need a separate trip if you want to go shopping! Personally I didn’t want to shop, my bank account thinks otherwise but I really wanted to see the Christmas window displays. Oh my, New York did not disappoint! I fell in love with the window displays and Christmas decorations. If you fancy seeing the window displays then let me know and I’ll upload a post on them. Be aware that tax is not included on items so the final price will of course be higher.

Find out on Monday what other places I recommend visiting, what foods to try in New York. If you like this post then let me know my commenting below or if you have any questions I’ll try to answer them.


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