New York, New York- Part 2

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I hope you enjoyed part one all about my trip to New York. If you haven’t read it then click HERE and come back to find out more about this amazing city.


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1# I won’t lie my expectations for food in New York was very high as I’ve been told by many people it was amazing, however I wasn’t impressed! My background is Italian and Greek Cypriot and most my family work in the food industry. As you can imagine I am surrounded by good food, so perhaps that’s why I wasn’t impressed. One thing I noticed was the portion sizes, if you are tiny and a small eater like me then stick to a main and nothing else. You do so much walking that you end up grabbing snacks and quick bites but I would recommend going for a sit down meal. I wanted to try the following in foods in New York and I did apart from a bagel.

  • New York Cheesecake- We headed over to Lindy’s, which was a good cheesecake.
  • A cheeseburger- Five Guys
  • A hotdog- the hotdogs from the stands were so good! The ketchup tastes like salsa which made it sweet and delicious.
  • Steak- Smith & Wollensky (49th Street & 3rd Avenue) I didn’t have the steak but the girls did and said it was amazing! Also the mash is the best I’ve ever tried so I would recommend trying there.
  • A bagel but as I mentioned I never got to try one.
  • I had to visit Bumba Shrimp! I’m a film fanatic and this restaurant was so cool. It has memorabilia from the film as well as a gift shop with a box of chocolate. I ordered the shrimp that came in four different ways which was very tasty. If you love the film then you have to go.

We wanted to try a rooftop bar but unfortunately it was closed, so our next option was The View @Marquis Marriott. Wow what a view! It is a revolving restaurant with a 360 view so you can overlook Manhattan whilst enjoying your drink.

2# Grand Central is worth a trip, not just because of the films that have been shot there but because it is truly beautiful. For a place that has many people rushing around it is surprisingly calm and the colour inside is warming. If you fancy a hot drink then head over to the Pershing Square literally outside. The café was used for the filming of Friends with Benefits, and yes we sat in that exact spot where they filmed.

3# Central Park is again another location used in many films and we walked around the whole of it! We started at the bottom and headed north to find the Alice and Wonderland Sculpture which was a huge let down. Children were climbing all over it and I could not see it. Around the park you will find musicians, little stalls and food.

4#  My inner historian loved the Natural History Museum and seeing the dinosaurs was fascinating, I’m not going to lie I was mostly interested in the T-Rex and my inner child came out in the gift shop when I started to play with the plastic toys. If you want to head over there then here are a few tips.

  • If you want to see the dinosaurs then it will take approximately around an hour and a half.
  • There is a suggested $22 entry. Suggested means it is a donation so you don’t have to pay the full amount but you will still have to get a ticket to enter.
  • We entered the wrong museum by accident next door. Double check it is the right one before you pay like we did. In fact I think we were so tired we didn’t realise that the foyer had no dinosaurs in it. The Natural History Museum is right next door.


5# I mentioned bus tours in part one and I highly recommend it. We didn’t get to do a film or TV tour as not everyone had watched the same ones. So next I go I would like to do one. That being said you can see the locations on your way around. For example we saw the hotel where Serena Van De Woodsen lived by the off chance of walking by. As for an actual bus tour we got to see so much!

I hope you have enjoyed my posts on the city and if you are visiting soon then enjoy. If you aren’t and want to go, then what are you waiting for?! To check out part one to this travel series, click HERE. I do want to go back, so if you have anywhere to recommend then comment below!



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