How To Change Your Look

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As an actress I get to dress differently from my usual attire and I love to see what suits me. At the end of last year I was fed up of my long hair so I decided to cut it short! The shortest I’ve ever gone! I felt everyone had long hair so I wanted to try and stand out, especially with my acting career. A lot of people ask if I was scared but I wasn’t, I was ready for a change. Once I changed it I felt a difference in myself- I also found I got so many more acting jobs! It’s weird how things work out but sometimes a change in appearance can bring more opportunities. It is so easy to get into a rut with how you look, it can also age you! So here are tips on how to change your look:


1# Don’t be scared, be excited

Changing your look can be daunting especially if you start to worry if you won’t like it. Instead of thinking, will I like it? Think, how will this make me feel?

2# Start small

Some find taking a plunge overwhelming and don’t like the change. If you think that might be you then take baby steps.

3# Don’t listen to others

It’s human nature to listen to others but if you feel the urge to change something then listen to yourself. Everyone kept asking me why I wanted to change my hair and how they could never do it. I was ready to cut it and so I did.

4# Get help

Book in for a consultation with the professionals if you are unsure. They will be able to advise you on what will suit you and what is on trend.

5# Learn what suits you

I don’t really like printed clothing but that doesn’t mean I’m closed off to the idea. It may mean that particular prints suit me and the same applies with everything. The same shade of lipstick won’t suit every skin tone, so find which is suitable for you.



Are you thinking of changing your look? If so let me know!



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