Holiday Hues

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Can you believe Christmas is next week!? My house is now done up, the presents have been wrapped and my family are arriving from abroad. All that was left to do is choose my outfit which I think I’ve done. Since I was little my family have always dressed up for Christmas, after all it is a religious holiday we are celebrating. It doesn’t matter if we were hosting it at ours or not, the men wear shirts and the women all put on a nice frock. I think any excuse to get dressed up is great, especially if your work doesn’t allow it! Around this year I’m drawn to sparkles, red and gold, so when I spotted this skirt in New York I was immediately drawn to it. I love full midi skirts (I think it’s the rock ‘n’ roll chic inside of me), it’s red so a tick for that and the satin fabric makes it feel luxurious. What is also great about a midi skirt is that it cinches in the waist to make it appear smaller, even if you eat too much you won’t be able to tell! For the top I actually chose a dress and because the skirt is long you can’t see it. The embellishment around the neckline is great as you don’t need a necklace and as for the shoes I just wanted an excuse to wear them. If I chose pieces without embellishment I feel they would have just been a blank canvas and the skirt would have been overpowering on my petite frame. So I think the little bit of sparkle they add breaks up the flat colours.





Get The Look

Skirt- Topshop
Top- (ZARA dress worn as top) Similar- Coast
Shoes- ( Carvela) Similar- Dune

What are you wearing on Christmas day? Let me know by commenting below!


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