Quiet Times

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Every industry can have its quiet period just as an individual can have a drop in workload and the acting industry is no different. Even the actors you see on TV will have a quiet stage! During this quiet stage you can really see someone’s drive and the contrast between the go getters and those who wait around. Of course it is nice to relax and take it easy; I don’t know about you but if I do it for too long then self doubt and boredom kicks in. Which can sometimes be hard to snap out of as your drive and judgement is clouded. So I’ve decided to list things I do when I have a quiet spell to help you avoid just those things.


1# Read-

Not everyone enjoys reading books but it can help in your career. Personally I enjoy reading so I don’t find it difficult to sit down and pick a book up, however if you don’t like reading why not try reading biographies on individuals that are successful. Reading other people’s stories can kick start you drive and you never know you might pick up useful tips too.

In regards to my acting I’m always learning and I constantly read books on my craft. Every bit helps and even if it is a small task such as reading a book it is still contributing towards your career.

2# Attend workshops-

I know when you aren’t working the last thing you want to do is spend. However this is when you have the most time and commitments might be few. Attending a class or workshop is great to brush up on anything you need to do. Especially if it’s written on your CV. If you haven’t watched the awkward interview in Confessions Of A Shopaholic then you might want to. There is a lesson to be learnt.

3# Learn a skill-

I love learning new things, in fact my mother got it spot on when she said I love the thrill of learning something and completing it. I think that is another reason why I love acting. Learning skills is great over all. You build up commitment and the achievement of hitting goals is very positive. Not only that, it is a great conversation starter.

4# Get jobs done-

Those jobs that are getting backlogged will need sorting out eventually. It may seem like a hassle but you know it has to be done. Well now you have the time! Again once they are done you will feel a weight off your shoulders and in this time it is also great to update your profile, times move so quickly and you need to stay current.

5# Evaluate-

Last but definitely not least is evaluating everything. Let this be a chance to see how everything is going, of course you will do it throughout the year but actually sitting down and breaking things down is great. From this you can see what is working, what isn’t and what needs improving. If you aren’t reaching your goals then this is the time to see what needs to be done in order to achieve them.

What do you do during quiet spells in your career? Let me know by commenting below!

P.s As Christmas falls on Friday this year, there won’t be a post uploaded so have yourself a Merry Little Christmas everyone!


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