The Chic Escape- Barcelona Part 2

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I thought it would be too much information all one post, so here is part 2 to the Chic Escape- Barcelona. Part 1 can be read HERE


















1# La Boqueria Market

The market of all markets is a must see- you will find delicious juice drinks and live lobsters! This time I enjoyed being a tour guide in the market because it is overwhelming for the first time. Last time I visited I walked for ages along Las Ramblas trying to find it and when I nearly gave up I stumbled across it. However this time I prepared and got off at the right tube stop- Liceu. The market is very crowded and people are pushing past you from everywhere so keep an eye on your belongings and just keep checking them every so often.


2# Gothic Quarter

This is the one place I really wanted to revisit because I felt like a true explorer when I was last there. It was odd because last time it was July and it was pretty much dead but it was booming with people this time. What I like the most about the Gothic Quarter is that cars can’t drive down there and unless you’ve experienced it you won’t understand how nice it feels. I wanted to revisit Archdeacon’s House, unfortunately I couldn’t find it but if you get a chance I recommend going. One of the most famous attractions in the quarter is the La Seu cathedral and again I recommend going inside. I do enjoy going into churches and cathedrals as the decoration is always breathtaking and this one doesn’t disappoint. Around the corner is a quaint restaurant called Taverna del Bisbe and here we had delicious paella and the prawns in garlic sauce are the best I’ve ever tried.


3# Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina

This was the last place we visited and I’m disappointed we didn’t explore it sooner because 15 minutes wasn’t enough! I guess sometimes the places on a doorstep are sometimes overlooked and seeing the view everyday was probably the reason but nothing could have prepared me for what my eyes couldn’t see from my window. I’m shocked that I never visited it before either!  During the walk up it was like a wow moment at every point. Firstly how tall the Venetian Towers are, then the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc and finally the National Art Museum of Catalonia which was my favourite building of them all.


4# Casa Batlló

I wanted to go inside the house on this break but as I mentioned every tourist attraction was sold out apart from one. When you first see the house it stands out from the surrounding buildings because of the colours. The house next to it also looks different and together they look like something out of a fairytale. Casa Batlló reminds me not only of a fairytale but the sea. The blue tone colours and shape of the windows look like waves. It may seem odd but that is how my brain works sometimes.


I hope you have enjoyed the Barcelona series; I had such an amazing time and I’m already planning where to visit next!



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