Extra Work For TV

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Well the first week of 2016 has been very busy to say the least! Literally the day after I landed from Barcelona I was driving over an hour away for an acting job- as they say no rest for the wicked. Last year around April, I did some extra work for the TV show Father Brown which is now on BBC1, starring the actor Mark Williams. The Harry Potter fan in me was very excited and to make things even better he was lovely! Me and the other girls asked for a photograph and he also got one on his phone! I have been waiting to share these photographs with you because I think it gives a great insight to how many costumes an extra can wear and how much detail goes into them. As an actor you here some people say that extra work isn’t good for your career and others would recommend it. Personally I have done my fair share of extra work and from my jobs so much has happened! For actors that want to work on TV and Film then doing a few extra jobs is worth it, you meet so many people, you get used to long days and early starts, you see how things work and it’s extra money. Now for my stunt work training I’m required to do 60 days on a TV/Film set, I guess I’m not quite done with my extra work yet!


image4 (2)
A 1950s Spectator
A 1930s Trapeze Artist- Ladies we are so lucky with lingerie we wear nowadays. I had to wear two corsets and apparently my waist still needed defining! 
Demon Nuns- It was 21 degrees and we had corsets and underskirts underneath the habit.



I hope your first week has been a good start to 2016 and if you have goals then you are working towards them.


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