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The first week of January I got to do my first interview. My friend has started her blog and internship and she wants to interview bloggers about their perspective on how social media has enhanced their career. When she asked me I was super excited because it was my first interview and I can’t wait to share it with you! One topic that got brought up was about professionalism and how it is shown in blogging. My answer- I see myself as a brand. Last year I met an actor on a job and his piece of advice was very simple ‘You are not just an actor, you are a brand’. It got me thinking about myself and how should I handle my career. Since then I try to do that, not everyone needs to know about every detail going on in my life and instead of looking at everything with an emotion I try to make decisions based on a business point of view. (I’m not talking about the physical appearance of branding either). Has this piece of advice worked? Yes it has, so here are my tips on how to brand yourself.


1# One Woman Band

Most brands have more than one person working for it but it is just me in mine. I may be one person but I try to deliver just as well as if there were 10 people helping me out. Don’t ever think that you can’t be a brand because you are on your own. Sometimes it’s not about how many people are on the team but rather how well you deliver.


2# Take Inspiration

Everyone has a brand they love and continue to return back to. Take a few minutes to identify why you enjoy using a certain brand, is it because it’s reliable, the quality is good or it because it makes you feel better. Once you have done this apply it to yourself and your brand.  For example you should always be reliable and if you have to let people down then be honest and apologetic, if you are working try your best to deliver a good quality and lastly people always remember how you made them feel. So try to stay positive and professional, even you are tired keep up the energy. Believe me people notice.


3# Edit Your Privacy

This rule has been out there for some time yet some people don’t learn. People don’t need to see every detail of your life and especially ones you are trying to impress. Not every moment needs to be shared with everyone, some moments should be for you to cherish. Same goes with opinions, i never recommend lying to anyone or yourself but think before you speak.


4# Be Positive

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned tips on being positive before but it really is essential. I’m a very positive person and I try to see a positive in a negative. Not only that I want to inspire people and make them feel good so as a brand I try to do that. I’m always positive on a job and co-operative which in return makes people feel positive about themselves and the work.


5# Take Out The Emotion

As I said before I try to take the emotional influence out of my decisions. As a brand you have to inject your personality but not every aspect especially when it comes to your career. Sure something will happen in work and it gets me angry but after thinking about it and asking people I trust what they think I make my decision. Usually I trust my instincts which tend to be right, however I never act on things straight away because it may not be the best decision.


What tips do you apply to your business or brand? If you have some then please share them!



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