Cold Turkey


January is the month that we tighten our belts with money and try to say no to all the goodies that we indulged in over the festive season. Do we actually? When it comes to buying clothes, do you actually say ‘no I don’t need this’. On my list of 23 things to do before I’m 24 (HERE) I mentioned that I wanted to give up buying clothes for two months. Cold Turkey for two whole months, how hard can that be? I’m not a shopaholic and I don’t need to buy a new outfit every time I go out or for when I go away. Usually I won’t impulse buy but rather go away and if I’m still thinking about something I’ve seen, then I will buy it and I am good at saving money but I wanted to test my will power. I wondered when the best time to do this was and figured that now was a great time. January can be a hard month with money, the spring/summer trends haven’t really hit the stores yet and I’ve got more important things I need to spend my money on, like my scuba diving course. With my tip ‘How To Get Use Out Of Your Wardrobe’ that shouldn’t be too hard. I’m also interested on how much I will save, so every time I feel like purchasing something I will of course say no and jot down the price. Eventually I will see how much I saved. The best way to see the outfits I come up with would be on my Instagram account. Let the fun begin!

cold turkey 2l


How about trying it yourself? If you feel you can’t do two months then try a month and see how much you save. Now is a better time than any!


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