3 Quick Hairstyles- Short Hair

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I don’t usually make New Year’s resolution but this year was my first and so far I have stuck to it. Last year I cut my hair short and I still love it but now it is grown slightly longer I have the habit of putting it up in a bun. When you go on set they have little time and plenty of other people to make up so hair care is the last thing on everyone’s mind. My hair will be go through so much, for example heat without protection, so it is understandable on my days off that I don’t want to do too much. So this combined with my New Year resolution and my fast paced self I needed to think of my go to hairstyles. The hairstyles I have chosen I do quite often and I had tried to photograph a tutorial but my hair is too dark to see anything so I found photographs. The hairstyles don’t take more than 10 minutes with practice but they look like you have made an effort.


Look 1 & 2 are a chic combination




What are your go to hairstyles when you can’t be bothered?


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