When in…London

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Last weekend I spent it in London, a short but sweet trip. I went to see the Cirque du Soleil and if you have never been I would recommend it. As an actress I did want to see the storyline a bit more but it got my imagination working because I started to look at everything and not just the acrobatics. As I’m training in gymnastics for my stunt work I appreciated the acrobatics so much more and again I noticed little details that I may have never noticed before training.

The fun didn’t stop there as I took a trip to the National History Museum; I was disappointed I never got to see the dinosaur’s exbition even though I saw one in New York, I would have liked to have seen it here too. One section I was interested in, was the volcanoes and earthquake section. My house in Italy is near Mt Stromboli and Mt Etna is not too far so I do have a fascination with volcanoes. Whereas one year in Cyprus I remember experiencing an earthquake, it seemed pretty big so since then I have also been fascinated with earthquakes. Although I know a lot about both is it always good to find out more information. One part of the exhibition that stuck out was the stimulator based on the Kobe earthquake in 1995. If you do go to the museum them check it out and it is something free to do in London.

As I said the trip was short and it ended with lunch at Fait Maison Salon Du Thé on Gloucester Road. The small cafe has a Parisian feel with beautiful cakes and huge meringues displayed in the window. Tea pots are used for sugar and flower pots, complimenting to the chic interior inside. I had the king prawns in a lemon, chili and pesto sauce which was delicious!














My dose of London has been satisfied, until next time I guess.



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