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Valentine’s weekend is here and I hope you are going to have a lovely weekend. If I’m honest I’m not too fussed by Valentine’s Day because love should be shown throughout the year not just one day, that being said how often do you show love to yourself? Throughout the year we work so hard, we have to deal with the ups and downs life has to throw at us and giving yourself a pat on the back isn’t something always preached. For my birthday and Christmas I reward myself with a bigger present to say well done, well Valentine’s Day can be thrown in there too. Wise words from Rupaul ‘If you can’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love somebody else’ and it is so true. So if you usually criticise Valentine’s Day because you feel it is always about couples or an unnecessary hassle, make it about you and then celebrate it with someone else afterwards. I’ve selected a few gifts that I think make rewarding presents.

red lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick


Whistles Clutch

hair mist

SHOW Beauty Hair Mist


Marc Jacobs Watch


So for this weekend- Happy Valentine’s Day to you!



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