A Relevant No

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In my industry as well as many others there are the times you have to say no. However when is the best time and why are you saying no? In my career I’ve had to say no a few times already, for example I once got asked if I would go braless for a web series. Without thinking I instantly said ‘I’m not doing that’. I think the director was shocked that I was so straightforward with it but I wasn’t comfortable at the time and I knew it wouldn’t have benefited my career. Other times I haven’t made a quick decision, like this weekend just passed. In February I went for my National Youth Theatre audition and I got a recall for a course called the Rep. The Rep is an eight month course all paid for in London, my dilemma you might wonder is my year ahead is planned and very busy. So the weekend was spent thinking about either going to London for eight months or carry on with my plans for the year. I eventually told myself if it is meant to be I can always try out next year. What makes these ‘No’s relevant, is that I have decided based on my future and how it affects that. So here is how to say no and not feel guilty or awkward.


1#Stick to your morals

As I said before I based my decisions on my future. Not every acting job out there will benefit my career; in fact some may do more harm. I’ve realised this along the way but I can only learn from it and move on. Also not everyone shares the same morals as you do but if you explain that you aren’t comfortable with something then you can try to compromise or if it’s getting nowhere then just say no.

2#Be respectful

Depending on the situation I will fight my corner other times I’ll let it slide and just move on. However I’ll remember the people that were professional with me and those who weren’t. Karma is something I believe in, just saying.

3#Think ahead

When I was learning how to drive my, driving instructor told me most learners only look past the bonnet of the car and not the road ahead. When you have a dilemma or decisions to deal with then it is easy to just look at the problem. If you focus on your future and how it affects that, then believe me the decision will be easier.

4#Don’t be afraid

People fear saying no because they will think they won’t be liked or they don’t want to hurt somebody. The truth is, some people won’t like you for it whereas others will respect the honesty. That all depends on the other person.

Have you got any advice for saying no? Comment below with your tips!


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