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You know those t-shirts that you buy from concerts and normally they are worn to chill out in around the house or for pyjamas, well here is how to wear them in an outfit. Since not buying clothes I have been trying to use my entire wardrobe and if you spend your money on something then why would you not get your use and wear out of it. So I teamed up my Nicki Minaj t-shirt with a suit as it breaks up the strong navy colour. As I’ve said before I love suits and they don’t have to be worn for just a corporate wardrobe. This one is great as it can be worn in the day with a shirt and it can be dressed up for drinks at night time. I’ve paired it up with my yellow bow shoes (aka my Sex and the City shoes, I think Carrie would approve) as yellow and navy make a great colour block. What colours do you like to wear together?






My first post of the week has now changed from Monday to Tuesday. Also to my amazing female readers…Happy International Women’s Day!


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