Stunt Work- Gymnastics

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Last week my body didn’t feel 100% so I’ve welcomed this week all pumped up and ready to go! With stunt training there are categories you have to complete and for my Strength and Agility category I am learning gymnastics and rock climbing. I knew gymnastics was going to be a hard sport as I’d never done it and as I told my teacher before I started to me, forward rolls were called roly polys! A year on I’ve learnt so much! I’m training to do move on the beam, vault, bars, mini-tramp and floor work. I’ve come so far and I know I’ve got a lot more to learn. Yesterday on Instagram I uploaded a short video clip of me practicing in the garden, what you don’t see is the cardio session beforehand. It’s true what they say, you can’t get results without the blood, sweat, tears and in my case, silly injuries. I do wonder if stunt work is right for clumsy little me! One thing I’ve learnt from gymnastics is that as we get older fear really does kick in and when I first started I saw how the young children just went for it without fear. A year on and although I still get scared to do a move the sense of achievement afterwards is worth it. Our bodies are so strong and can do so much but as we get older fear doesn’t allow us to try. Check out the video on my Facebook page of my gymnastics training!




Why not save these quotes to your phone for motivation? I hope you all have an amazing week!


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