Cold Turkey Review

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Finally the cold turkey month is over and I have completed the challenge I put on my 23 things to do before I’m 24 list. I have not spent money on new clothes for two months and my bank account is thanking me for it. The first couple of weeks it didn’t really affect me but then I got that itchy feeling of wanting to spend. The things I saw I didn’t actually want but it’s like a diet, you want the foods you’re depriving yourself of. I would go into town for a coffee and find myself going into shops but I quickly realised I was actually making mental lists of all the things I wanted to buy, which was going to eventually defeat the object of not buying anything. So I started staying away from the shopping centre and if I needed to go in I would have a list of things to do.

Roll on month two and I noticed that brands started introducing the new spring collections and I had seen a few things I would eventually buy. However my saving bug had officially kicked in and if I’m honest I wasn’t impressed that I wanted to spend my money on most items. This didn’t just apply to clothes but a lot of other things like make-up, stationary etc. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to a new way of thinking. I found it very easy to not even look at clothes and the only time I wondered if it was worth it, was the ‘ladies time’ of the month. This was the only time something new would have been nice.

Over the two months I managed to save over a month’s wages! This money can be put towards my stunt training and I’m hoping to complete my scuba diving course abroad, which won’t be cheap. My clothes aren’t the black, nude, grey and khaki colours that are popular nowadays so I thought I didn’t have nice clothes but I soon remembered that I don’t like wearing those colours very much and I fell back in love with my wardrobe. So after two months here are my tips on saving your money not buying clothes:

  • Stay away from shops! – if you are meeting a friend for a coffee meet locally and not near town centre.
  • Don’t buy into the retailers- retailers have many different ways to entice people into their store and buy things. One example most people know is the smell of bread in supermarkets.
  • Look at your wardrobe- before you buy that dress for a night out, check what you already have.
  • Make a list- lists and I go hand in hand but now I make a list of all the jobs I need to do before I go into town. That way I walk straight to the places I need to and don’t get distracted.
  • Be honest- when you look at something you want to buy ask yourself this question “do I actually need this?”
  • Think ahead- if you have expensive things to do this year then keep them at the front of your mind always. Being reminded of your objectives will make you wonder if that £50 dress is really worth it.

Below are a few outfits I wore during my two month challenge!


Let me know of any tips you use to stop wasting money!



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