Necklace & Neckline Pairings

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When it comes to fashion my first rule is to have fun. If someone doesn’t like something you wear, who cares and if you have the confidence to wear what you like then you have already won in my eyes. So when style advice is given I recommend taking it with a pinch of salt as I don’t always follow the fashion rules. For example the rule short girls shouldn’t wear maxi dresses or skirts, legs and cleavage shouldn’t be shown at the same time and gold and silver jewellery just don’t go. Personally I’ve done all of those things and honestly who makes the fashion rules? So with today’s post take the advice lightly and keep it in mind when you need a little help.

Some necklaces work better together as they give a more pleasing illusion, making your body look in proportion. For example a v-neckline looks better with a v-shaped necklace whereas short circular one would cut off your neck. Below are the necklines with the best shaped necklaces.


A crew neckline works best with a short chunky necklace that will sit on top of the neckline.


A scoop neckline reveals the décolletage area so a short chunky necklace that curves works best, as it follows the edge of the neckline.



Usually I don’t wear a necklace with a shirt but when I do, a small dainty necklace works well.



A strapless/Bardot neckline is best worn with a small chunky necklace or a choker necklace.



When it comes to high necklines again I don’t usually wear necklaces, however the best necklace is a long one. This is one rule I always break, when I wear big chunky knitwear with a high neckline I team it up with a long chained dainty necklace, like I said this is just a guide.



A v-neckline as mentioned before works best with a v-shaped necklace. The rule is the same as the scoop neckline-the necklace should follow the edge of the neckline.


What fashion rules do you stick to or break? Let me know by commenting below!


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