The Curse of Social Media

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Social media, what was life like before it? Of course we all remember but it seems that nowadays we couldn’t live without it. My relationship with social media is constantly being nurtured and I’m always learning new things. Nowadays you can stay connected and keep up to date with your favourite celebrities and they can reveal what they want, showing you into their lives. However social media doesn’t just stop at celebrities but the average person too. Got a date? Search social media beforehand. Had a dispute with someone? Check out their account. Gone for a job interview? They probably have checked you out on social media. If you haven’t got the gist already then now you have. It is everywhere and it isn’t going away any time soon.

Recently I spoke to a few loved ones and they spoke about their lives and how they haven’t accomplished as much as other people their own age. Where did these thoughts come from? Social media. Unfortunately people do look at the lives of others and as humans it is only natural that we want what others have. People always upload the best bits of their lives and how well they are doing, let’s be honest who wants to see the bad parts?

When it comes to my industry I see a lot of people doing well and talking about their achievements and myself included. I’d be lying if I said I was always busy and everything is going great because highlighting my best parts is better than telling you I spent a full day watching Netflix. This by the way does happen. So that is the truth, that not everything is what it seems, even with the people that are doing well. They will always highlight the best parts but it’s up to you to recognise that and not become down or jealous by it. Below are ways to deal with social media envy:

social media photograph

1# Everyone is different

My work requires me to try new thing and it seems great but it is hard work! However that is my path and I work hard for what I have. Working hard gives rewards.

2# Don’t be fooled

I know a few people on social media that make their lives look great and so happy. Honestly you wouldn’t think anything was wrong but in reality I know those people aren’t happy.

3# Get busy living

Get busy living or get busy stalking. When you are a busy then you don’t have time to look at others and if you are enjoying your life then why would you want to.

4# Limit your time

When I go on my social media platforms I head straight to my page and upload my content. Of course I look at my news feed but I do limit my time on there. What you don’t know won’t hurt you.

5# Filter perfect 

Everything you see has been edited and polished and nowadays filters make everything seem more perfect. I have seen photographs of myself heavily edited where it doesn’t even look like me.  

How do you feel about social media?


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