Investing Your Money


I recently watched a video and they mentioned in order to be successful you have to have the three C’s. Connections, Currency and Consistency. I believe there are other things that make you successful as well, but today I wanted to draw attention to the currency one. Unfortunately you do need money to make money, like a party time job to reinvest into your future job. For example, in my industry before we have even started to get work you have to spend money on headshots, which by the way aren’t cheap if you want good ones.

In recent years I have invested a lot of time and money into myself but I don’t mind because I am my own business and product. So I’ve listed where your money is best invested to help you a little further.


 1# Training

I haven’t gone to drama school but I knew I needed to study my craft. Books do help but attending workshops or regular classes is a better way to gain experience and learn new things. I attend an acting class every week and from there I have met likeminded people that have also helped me along the way.


A few years ago I was doing a diploma in fashion and I had a small blog that was a hobby, although people would see it, it wasn’t going anywhere. Fast forward to now, I knew what I had to do with this blog to see results. First thing, I bought a professional camera. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I bought the reduced display one and since I have bought a different lens to get the quality that I want. Fortunately for me, I can use my camera for my acting career as well, so this small investment has helped in so many other ways.

3# Promotion

With social media it is very easy to promote yourself; however going back to the old ways isn’t a bad thing. Recently I’ve been given a few business cards by actors and you would think it’s always been done like that but in actual fact I have seen it more in the last two years than ever before. It’s a quick and personal way to connect with someone so do consider them.

4# Portfolio

This one does come under promoting yourself but I wanted to point out that sometimes you have to let the professional do it. For example I know how to photograph and edit but I also know my headshots will look better if I let the professionals do it. Sometimes it’s worth knowing when to take a step back let someone else do the better job and it gives you more time to focus on something else.

Do you have any other ways you invest money into your career? Let me know by commenting below!


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