La Dolce Vita- Milan

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After five months I was finally able to get away for a few days and I decided to head to one of the fashion capitals, Milan. Prior to me going a few people told me that there wasn’t a lot to do and honestly I didn’t do half as much as I wanted, but this trip was a relaxing get away which I definitely needed. I left my keys at home and locked myself out only to realise I had brought two outfits for four days, oh and I forgot my bank card! Can you believe I went to shopping heaven and forgot my bank card! To break up the city break I took a lovely trip to Lake Como which is a travel must but there will be a part 2 all about that. So below I have written down my recommendations for Milan and I hope it helps any of you visiting the city.






















Milan is an amazing city and if it’s taught me anything is that dressing up is a must. Years ago I would dress up all the time but as I live in a small city, I’ve adapted to the people around me. That being said I still dress up but not to my full potential.  In England I feel we dress up for the trends and for comfort, in Milan I didn’t see the locals in trends but rather dressed classically. The men wear suits and the women wear heels to walk around, it’s all about sophisticated glamour. It wasn’t about comfort but they looked at ease and it was lovely to see that at any age they made an effort.  So I have had my eyes reopened and I miss my old attitude to wearing whatever, wherever. For ultimate sophistication you should head to the Galleria Emanuele Vittorio II (Metro Stop- Duomo). This shopping mall is one of the oldest in the world and it is truly beautiful. It has a few designers shops inside but if I’m honest the architecture is worth going for alone.

There are high street shop around this area and going up to Sforza Castle you will again come across a lot more shops. However the most famous street in the fashion district is called Via Montenapoleone (Metro Stop- Montenapolenone), which is where the most luxurious brands are.

Milan may not have as many monuments as Rome but it has its fair share. This time I didn’t see as many sights as I wanted but I thoroughly enjoyed the ones that I did see. I would recommend just getting an ice-cream and enjoying the view. Of course the most famous is the Duomo Di Milano (Metro Stop- Duomo Line M3) and I love hearing tourists gasp as they walk up the Metro steps. I realised that feeling is expected as it happened when I saw La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and it happened again in Milan. It seems the Metro steps are built so you are in awe as soon as you surface. The front of the cathedral is amazing and the detail in the building is impressive so I was super excited to go to the top. It costs €15.00 to go inside and up to the terraces using the lift. It costs a little less to climb the 200 stairs but we didn’t have time, either way it is amazing to see the top of the cathedral. I wasn’t impressed with the view but the structure of all the spires is impressive. So this is my first must see in Milan. Tip: Ladies take a pair of flat shoes to go up the terraces as the floor surface is smooth and the roof is angled.

Sforza Castle is another must see in the city, the first thing you will notice is that is looks different from most of the monuments you’d expect to see in Italy. In fact it reminded me of the city of Sienna with the building structure and colours. It is free to visit however they will have exhibitions that you have to pay for.

Other things I saw but unfortunately didn’t get to do was a private tour of La Scala Theatre. If you book in advanced then you will get a private tour backstage of the theatre and hopefully a walk on the stage.  As an actress you can imagine that I wanted to do this one! Milan is also home to Leonardo Da Vinci’s- The Last Supper painting. I will warn you that this has to be booked in advanced as it is very popular and you only get 15 minutes to see it. The last things I wanted to do was have dinner on the ATMosphera Tram Restaurant. I knew Milan had trams to get around the city but I had no idea this existed until I saw one whilst walking around. These trams are the cutest! You can enjoy the city whilst eating a four course meal, it is €70.00 but I think we spend all year working hard for moments like that.

People who diet or count calories should leave that at the airport, Italy is not a country to care about calories. Italians enjoy life and food likewise, you will see locals grabbing a gelato and sipping wine in great company just as much as the tourists. As I am half Italian you may think I am being biased but Italian food is one of the best cuisines in the world in my opinion and although I have it here in England it still doesn’t compare. I’ve recommended these places:

La Locanda Del Gatto Rosso Restaurant for a plate of ravioli stuffed zucchini flowers and cheese.
Da Regina Restaurant for the Ciurilli.
Venchi for the dark chocolate ice-cream.
 Motta Caffè for the delicious croissant crema.

Stay tuned for my post about Lake Como coming on Tuesday!

All photographs taken on an Iphone 6 & Canon 600D


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