La Dolce Vita- Lake Como


As I mentioned in the last post all about Milan, I managed to get away for a day to Lake Como. I have never been to any of the Italian lakes but constantly seeing them on Pinterest, I was lusting to go. I will say that you need to have maximum battery power because you will want to snap photographs and videos galore! Honestly, every stop was an opportunity and because the photographs speak for themselves I’m going to let them do the talking.















How to get there: From Milan I was advised to get a direct train from Milan Nord Cordona to Como which was around €5.00 for a single trip, which took an hour to get there. A full day is needed at the lake so leave early in the morning.

What to see: I’ve heard the pearl of the lake is Bellagio so I wanted to see this quaint little town on the lake front. It is another hour to get there by bus or two hours by water taxi but both routes are very scenic and a relaxing way to be introduced to the lake. Arriving into Bellagio you will notice how busy it is and it’s full of restaurants, hotels and boutiques. Whenever you get a chance just sit by the lake and drink a cool lemon soda or eat an ice-cream, do it! In Italy you can never have enough ice-cream!

Where to eat: Along the front you will see many restaurants and I ate at the Hotel Excelsior Splendide which serves an amazing plate of spaghetti with clams!

Looking over these photographs again makes me want to go away soon! If you are headed away this year, where are you going? Let me know by commenting below!


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2 comments on “La Dolce Vita- Lake Como”

  1. Love your photographs, especially your featured image. I’ve hiked up to the church of St. Martino perched on that hillside and I wish I was there now!


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