Product of the Week- Pupa Make-up

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When I go away I love discovering products that I can’t get in the UK or in this case finding a product I remember from when I was a child. I lived in Italy for a year and I can remember my older cousins using the Pupa brand. They would have the cutest make-up sets in novelty characters and I always wanted one! So when I saw the stand at the airport I was very excited and knew I wouldn’t return back without buying a set. I guess the first thing you will notice is the adorable packaging! This wasn’t the cutest one but it was the one with colours that will suit my skin tone. I tried out the eye shadows and they were pigmented however with the set you may need a few applications to get the full colour. The make-up sets are very cheap considering you are paying for packaging as well as the brand. You hear about dupes all the time but end up paying more for a particular brand but that is because you are paying for the name. (Insider info: Topshop make-up has a good reputation, that’s because it is made by the same company that makes the MAC products.) I love my little set and it makes me feel ultra girly when I go to put the products on.






PupaCat: HERE
Also love this polar bear set: HERE

Let me know if you have come across any of novelty make-up brands or if you know of a make-up brand from your country I need to know about! Comment below!


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