Travelling Solo

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I thought for the month of June I would do a travel season. I love travelling and I’ve always got wanderlust and since coming back from Milan I’ve already started planning my next getaway. It’s true what they say, travelling is the best education and it is a chance to also learn about yourself. A few years ago I took a city break all by myself and I loved every second of it, then the year after I went away again by myself. It doesn’t matter where I’ve been; the city break is still my favourite holiday so far! When I go away I want to see the place I am in, not just the tourist attractions, so this usually means walking around endlessly and sitting in a park or a cafe to watch the world pass me by. I enjoy watching how the locals live and what they wear and I spend my time guessing what job they may have or where are they off to. I have the freedom to spend as much time as I like and not have to worry if the other person is enjoying themselves but the best things about going away by yourself is discovering who you are. It sounds cheesy and cliché but travelling solo makes you realise how independent you are and what you are capable of. Once you’ve done it, you’ll probably want to go away again and again. So I’ve written down a few tips that helped me with travelling alone.

These photographs were taken when I travelled to Cyprus by myself. I actually found the SD card a year after losing it! Although I have family out there, there were days when I would go places by myself and explore, so I thought they would be appropriate.
















1# Build your confidence

Before going away, I went on days out to stately homes and even took a trip to a London show to get used to being myself and overcoming that unusual feeling. At first it does seem odd and you feel that everyone is looking at you, especially when you are eating. Majority of the time, people are so wrapped up in their lives they won’t even notice you.

2# Get organised

Before I go away I always check out the main tourist attracts and how to get there. Having an idea of which direction to go helps so much and it makes me feel safer than just walking around trying to find my way.

3# Ask

When you are by yourself always ask for help either in a shop or someone with an authority uniform. I don’t always get to do this as sometimes you have to ask the locals but if the option is there then I’d prefer to ask the ones I’ve suggested. In Barcelona I walked for over a mile trying to find the Casa Batlló and I would ask the locals who that kept sending me in different directions, I saw a policeman and he directed me to the tube stop which was the better way to get there. That being said, I guess I got to see a bit more of Barcelona.

4# Blend in

For someone that doesn’t like to blend in; I will when I am by myself in a different country. This may sound extreme but over years I have had a few intimidating situations happen to me and I guess that has made me more aware. Depending on where you go you, obviously you can’t always look like a local but perhaps don’t overdo it with extravagant or revealing outfits. You might think well why shouldn’t I wear my amazing outfits? Believe me I have thought that, but not everyone is open minded or nice, plus to do you really want to put yourself in a situation? In Barcelona I didn’t wear any make-up and it actually felt so good!

5# Money

My dad is hilarious when it comes to travelling he is so over the top and that has been passed onto me but I am glad.  His says never keep all of your money in one place (e.g. all in your purse) because if it gets stolen then it has gone. When you go to where you are staying, always ask for a safe and use it! The second time when I went to Barcelona we didn’t have to key to the safe. For some daft reason the hotel didn’t have enough keys for every room, so we ended up spreading our money around in odd places.

6# Enjoy moments

As I said before there were times I wouldn’t have minded someone being there to share the moment but then again they wouldn’t have been special to me now. Plus if you wanted to share moments with loved ones then you should have just gone with them. Sit back and enjoy moments without uploading them to social media. When you think back it will make you smile because you did that all by yourself and that is the best memory of them all.

What tips do you want to share about travelling solo? Let me and other readers know by commenting below!




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