Product of the Week- Lip Balm

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It’s no secret that I love a multipurpose and this product is used on set all the time! Filming from the morning till the evening can cause havoc on the skin. Under the lighting you do feel hot and your make-up needs topping up a few times. Usually I’m not a huge make-up fan; during my days off I’ll apply basic make-up so when I film I can tell my skin feels dry and my lips always need that extra moisture. I take my own make-up bag and I’ve always got my Carmex on hand but when the make-up artists come round in between takes then I love to see what products they use. One that I kept seeing was the Dr.PAWPAW Original Clear Balm and I love this product! I only realised it was a multipurpose product when I bought it and after reading reviews I couldn’t wait to see the results with its other uses but until then my lips will feel extra hydrated. I can’t apply lipstick without a lip balm applied before so it is my go to product! If you like fragranced products that taste nice on your lips then this isn’t the product for you but if you want a moisturizing effect, then I would recommend this balm.




What lip balm do you use? Let me know by commenting below!



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1 comments on “Product of the Week- Lip Balm”

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