A Reminder For Me, Reminder For You

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At the start of the year we set ourselves New Year’s resolution and goals for the year ahead but sometimes a mid-year goal and reflection period is just as motivating. With July now started it’s a good time to reflect on the first six months of the year. If the first half of your year hasn’t been great then why not try and make the second half better and if the first half of the year has been a good, then make the second half amazing! Recent conversations made me realise that two years ago I would have never dreamed that I would be training for stunt work, that I would be steps further in my career and as for the people I’ve met, well those people are now people I trust so much. A lot can happen in a short amount of time!

Starting this year I had a lot to look forward to and I’m on the path to achieving my goals. For example you probably have seen me banging on about my scuba diving but I don’t think you realise how much I have achieved with the first course. In fact now I’ve completed the first stage it hasn’t sunk in how far I’ve come.  My close family saw me come home in tears on some occasions and other times with the biggest smile on my face. They are just as proud of me as I am. To think I’ll be a Dive Master by the end of the year is surreal but I believed in myself enough to keep going. Before anyone can be your fan, it’s you that has to be your number one supporter.

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One thing the first six months has taught me, is how I really don’t have the time for fear. As adults we become much more aware of the dangers and how valuable we are but in that process we can lose out on the different experiences life throws at us. I’m not saying I don’t have any fears because I do but I have to try and put them aside. My first trip to the rock climbing centre was one of these experiences. I’ve never climbed before so when I went and did indoor bouldering for the first time it was scary but when I reached the top of the walls, I realised it isn’t so bad when you leave fear at the door.

Rewind a while back, I was all about work, I wanted my dream badly and when this happens it’s easy to forget the good times along the way. Money was needed elsewhere so it wouldn’t go on experiences or social events. I  didn’t have time for anything but work, well back then I didn’t think I had the time, however looking back I realise now my time is used in more efficient ways and is taken up by relevant choices for my career. In the last two years I have experienced more than most people will over their lifetime and I’ve been practicing to ‘work hard but play harder’. When I had achieved something it would be celebrated in any way and I believe rewarding the achievements makes it more enjoyable.

So going into the second half of the year remember these things; believe and be your number one supporter, don’t let room in for fear and celebrate the achievements.

Have a great second half of the year everyone!


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