London Calling

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For my pre-birthday celebrations I wondered where to go, I originally decided to go to an outdoor film screening but they had sold out. My next option was to check out Secret Cinema. Ever since hearing about this event I have wanted to go. It was such an amazing experience that it really does need its own post and as I couldn’t use my phone or modern technology, I am waiting for the films to be developed. So stay tuned for that post! What we wanted to do didn’t happen however deciding on the spot meant walking around areas and discovering new things. I have never visited Portobello Road so a trip there was lovely, I would have preferred to go when it’s booming but to see the shops and also do a bit of shopping made it great and as for afternoon tea we went back to Sketch. Their mozzarella & pesto Panini, quail egg & caviar sandwich are both mouth watering!

A trip to The British Museum should excite you and I was impressed with their latest exhibition ‘Sunken Cities’. This exhibition shows off objects from an ancient city that was preserved and buried under the sea so for the history lovers, the British Museum should be on your to do list. That evening was spent walking around Piccadilly and China Town, followed by dinner at Cafe Monico, which is a beautiful restaurant just opposite China Town and with the art deco; you are transported back in time. For an appetizer I had olives, mortadella ham on warm bread and for the mains, spaghetti lobster. I highly recommend both these dishes.

To top of the weekend I got to experience something that I will always remember, riding a bike through London. This may sound dramatic for some of you but I haven’t ridden a bike since I was a child. We spent the afternoon riding through Kensington Palace and on the roads which I would say that you must try if you ever visit London. After getting over the fear of being ran over or falling off the bike, I had so much fun!



















If any of you have birthday celebrations coming up, what are your plans? Let me know by commenting below.


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