A Date With Secret Cinema

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The classic movies are always enjoyable to watch but to see one outdoors in a setting to reflect the film is even better. As I said in my previous post about London I went to Secret Cinema, for those of you that have never heard of it, Secret Cinema is an event that combines the film with live performances. This year it was Dirty Dancing! Like I said classic movies are classics for a reason but I couldn’t wait to see what was in store when we finally got past the barriers. Here’s what happened at this year’s event:

Firstly no phones were allowed as Dirty Dancing is set in 1963. At first the blogger inside me was disappointed and slightly nervous because everything was picture perfect. A few years ago I wouldn’t have cared and since blogging and being more active on social media I get the technology withdrawal symptoms, something that made me think back to my past self and realise it’s quite sad. However that being said, they had disposable cameras and oh boy did I have fun with the one shot photograph! After seeing the photographs developed it’s amazing to see how far we have come along right?

Walking in we were greeted with groups of dance classes being hosted and everyone was dressed up. It was amazing to be transported back in time and the fact that everyone did dress up made it more special. After popping the blanket down we headed to the cocktail bar and everything was priced in dollars. It was a hassle that only card could be used but there couldn’t be British money about. Scenes from the movie were acted out on stage and everyone joined in with the fun. The staff members played the part too, with American accents they never told us about the movie but a ‘talent show’ was being performed at 9:00pm sharp.

Walking round we saw the dance studio and we danced in the ‘Staff quarters’ which was very funny. The biggest flaw was the queues and we queued in three food queues due to different reasons for over an hour which was very annoying, as we didn’t see as much as we wanted to. However after that annoyance the film made up for it and the atmosphere was electric! People were singing to the classics such as ‘Will you still love me tomorrow?’ and when Johnny came into the scene the whole crowd swooned and cheered. It was romantic to sit on the blanket and watch the movie and I would definitely go again.

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The next Secret Cinema is 28 days later and although I’m not a fan of horrors I can imagine this event being amazing! To find out more head over to their website HERE




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