Product of the Week- Nail Treatment

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Since I can remember I’ve always had terrible nails. No matter what I’ve tried they would never grow, the money I have spent on products was wasted down the drain and never mind the whole ‘Shellac really helps your nails’, my nails would just break. I can remember signing my model contract and reading the terms that stated we needed to make sure that everything had to be at a good standard to be photographed and I thought instantly about my nails, trust me I’m no hand model. A relative of mine is a model so she has always had groomed nails but one day I noticed polish free, long filed nails and I complimented her on them and she told me about this product she has been trying. Yes it is a bit pricey compared to the average nail varnish but instead of spending lots of money on fake nails every month this product will seem inexpensive. Ladies I can’t recommend it enough! I train on my hands all the time with stunt work for example pushing off my hands in gymnastics, grappling in judo and not to mention I’m always cleaning and washing so my hands are exposed to enough water. After all that I am proud of my how my nails look, they are super strong and they grow fast now. Never did I imagine the day when I’d have to file them down! Trust me this product is one of my all time favourites and as I put my hands through so much I apply the Naitiques Formula 2 Plus HERE but for those of you that don’t need the extra strength then the Nailtiques Formula 2 HERE is perfect for you.




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