Riviera Stripes

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It’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it – that’s how I define style. Many people think the more expensive the better they will look but I have seen it isn’t always the case. Some of my favourites items are the cheapest I own and this dress may be cheap but I definitely felt like I was perfectly dressed for the French Riviera. This dress is perfect for the summer and as it is a maxi dress I wanted to make sure the two side splits could be seen. The barely there sandals show more skin which is needed as I am petite and the length of the dress isn’t floor length, a plus is the vertical stripes which gives the illusion of height. So if you want to appear slimmer or in my case taller, then go for vertical stripes and for creating curves or balancing out your body shape, then go for horizontal stripes. Wear it in the day with sandals and a panama hat or how I have for a chic night time look.







Get the look

Dress- Primark
Clutch- Primark
Shoes- (Zara old) Similar HERE


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