Filming Location- Chatsworth House

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With the good weather in England it seems a waste to just do nothing, especially when we don’t know when it’s going to turn miserable again. So when we do have a glorious day a trip to the park with a picnic is a must. If you are following my Instagram story you will have seen that I was having a picnic at Chatsworth House and whilst sitting there enjoying the view, you can see why this location is used for filming. Films such as Pride & Prejudice, The Duchess, The Wolfman and Peaky Blinders have been filmed here so if you do decide to visit, remember that as well as historical figures that may have walked the halls so have famous actors and actresses. I recommend taking a full day to visit that way you can start off exploring the house and garden and then stopping off in Bakewell for a traditional Bakewell pudding or tart.








The Duchess 


Pride & Prejudice 

CG Giving Statue

Peaky Blinders 




For more information on Chatsworth House visit the website HERE


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