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CVs, the working world can’t exist without them and it is an easy to showcase your work experience and talent. Actors have two types of CVs, the job listing/general format and a showreel. So next time you think ‘gosh I have to write my CV up or I need to update it, remember actors have to do two’. I’ve seen my fair few over the years and usually the most mistakes are done when you listen to teachers. That may sound ridiculous but for me you learn more in the big wide world and that includes CV writing. Nowadays people don’t have the time to read through everything so here are a few pointers I learnt from an acting conference I attended:

1#Put your best foot forward-

Your CV should reflect you and the best version of you. As well as people you know that might read your CV, so will strangers. You wouldn’t walk into a room not presented well so don’t do it on your CV.

2#Be truthful-

My pet hate when I see CV’s are the lies people tell. If you have to lie then just exaggerate the truth. For example I have never taken a dance class before so I don’t write a qualification down but I can dance. Over the years I have taught myself to dance and I know the basic steps in a few dance styles which I have stated on my CV. So yes it is on my CV but once someone put me forward for a ballet dancer and I replied back stating that I wasn’t a ballet dancer. Unfortunately the casting director mistook me to be a ballet dancer when I didn’t state anywhere that I could dance in that style form.

3#A layout makes the difference-

A layout is a great way to include everything onto one page. Unfortunately everywhere it says that your CV should be on one page, however with acting comes credits and eventually your credits will run past one page. A layout can help solve that problem and it will look different from the majority of CV’s being looked at.

4#Skills make you stand out-

On my acting CV I can include skills that I have such as my black in Tae Kwon-Do but putting it on my standard CV might not work. Well that is what I was told because it wouldn’t be relevant to a non- acting job, that being said I did include it on my CV and employers have noticed and been impressed. It would be relevant to a sports related job because it shows I’m active but it also shows determination, perseverance and commitment. Aren’t those attributes good for any other job? I think so.


An actor’s headshot is one of the ways for casting directors to see you. It is another way we promote ourselves and with that we can create so many looks so the casting director can see us in a specific role. However with sites such as LinkedIn, a photograph can say a lot about someone. For any industry my best advice is make it look professional. With an actor that means professional photographs and for other industries make them simple and professional. Save the beach body and pouting selfie for Facebook and Instagram.

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What do you do differently on your CV? Let me know by commenting below!


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