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Nights will start draw in so get ready for movie night or perhaps you want a night in with the girls, family or your other half. If you are like me then you love films and there is nothing worse than sitting down ready to watch a film then having to decide on what to watch. So here are 5 films I have watched in the last couple of months that I really enjoyed.

1# Million Dollar Arm

An American sports agent tries to find two Indian baseball players through a reality TV programme. This is also based on a true story, as Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel were America’s first Indian baseball players.

2# Eddie the Eagle

Films about dreams and careers always inspire me! In a world where dreams can be pushed aside or dismissed, this film is a feel good feel one based on the true story about Michael Edwards aka Eddie the Eagle. The film starts with a young boy’s journey in wanting to compete in the Olympics. 

3# The Kite Runner

 A film that addresses fear and morals, this film touched everyone in my family that watched it. We all sat there and felt moved by the story and I really want to read the book too.  A young man goes to help is childhood friend but has to overcome mistakes he made earlier to get there. 

4# Fatal Attraction

My sister came back and told me she and her friend watched this film. For my generation that have never seen this film, two words. WATCH IT. This film is a classic and should be on your movie bucket list.

5# IP Man

I watched this film a while ago however I watched the second one recently and it is very good. I enjoy martial art films but this is based on the true story about Yip Man, who was Bruce Lee’s teacher. The language is in Cantonese but with subtitles you’ll be fine.

As a film geek I love to watch any type of movie whether they are old or new, so if you have one that you would recommend then please comment below! 


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